Blue Mountains Floral Art Group 


Contact: Lorraine McMiles (02)4759 1989


May 2015

Greetings Fellow Floral Art Members,


The members of Blue Mountains Floral Art Group have decided at their recent Annual General Meeting to close our doors after 26 years of meeting together in the Blue Mountains.


In my March report I spoke of declining membership, without younger people being interested in the art of floral design and flower arranging their seemed no alternative but to make this decision which was by a unanimous vote, It is with much regret that there is no longer a group meeting in the Blue Mountains for Floral Art,


Life members Ann Ryan,Pauline Atwood (Inaugural Members for 26 years) and Diane Byrnes, Mary Sweeney travelled to be with us at our Farewell Lunch held at the Grandview Hotel Wentworth Falls 25th May 2015.


I will continue to pass on Leaflets advertising special events of NSWFAA to the remaining interested members by email,

Lorraine McMiles

Secretary to Blue Mountains Floral Art Group



Back Row L-R Grace Foulds Jane Dobbins,Jean Daniels,Mary Sweeney,Gretel Bott, Bev Blizard
Middle Row -Pauline Atwood
Front- Diane Byrne, Ann Ryan,Lorraine McMiles

February 2015

Greetings fellow floral art members
A month of daily rains, storms and dark clouds have seen good growth in the garden especially unwanted weeds. In the mountains, roses have come and gone, the leaves are beginning to change colour and drop. This leads to a different aspect to floral arrangements with autumnal colour, structures, textures with more use of sticks and moss, with very few flowers as we await the bulbs to emerge in our gardens.
For our group in its 26th year of existing, age has been taking its toll with several now in their 80-90s, faithful in flower arranging for 25 years or so within the BMFAG. This is resulting in dwindling membership and a challenge to connect with interested new members who are not babysitting family or working with the many charity groups available in this area.
Class titles used lately at our monthly meetings-’Fun with agapanthus’, ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’, ‘Field of Dreams’
Workshops- ‘Incorporating an accessory’, ‘A valentine design’ and ‘Pave Design’
We welcome helpful hints and ideas to incorporate into our meetings.
Lorraine McMiles
Secretary to Blue Mountains Floral Art Group


November 2014

Greetings to fellow floral art groups of NSW.

Following our 25th year celebrations and Lunch in May, two of our original members, who continue membership, were both given Honorary Life Memberships for outstanding long service. Interesting that the group started with 15 members and this has remained constant for all those years.

We have been experiencing the fragility of aging among our eighty and ninety year old ladies. Without new members joining our group we will face the possibility of closure in the future. Advertising has failed to entice newcomers and I fear there is a vast lack of interest in this art form and time availability for many here in the Blue Mountains. This   means our future remains tentative and of concern.


Our programme remains varied with workshops including cross hatching, arranging spring bulb flowers, contemporary design “Bridging” and this month a Floral Christmas tree incorporated into a table centre piece: these arrangements we will take to our end of year lunch as table decoration.


Class titles used- Sticks and stones, Petite design, My choice, Emerging Spring Colour, Colour connections and lastly Christmas with a Difference.

We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and safe travel this festive season.

Lorraine McMiles

Secretary for Blue Mountains Floral Art Group


September 2014


A lunch was held at the Grandview Hotel- Wentworth Falls to celebrate our Silver Anniversary following our May meeting and AGM.

The group was started in 1989 as part of Wentworth Falls Garden Club ,meeting in a private home with about 15 members doing flower arrangements.
Pauline Atwood (HLM)and Ann Ryan were part of this inaugural meeting in May 1989 and are still active members 25 years later. Back then it was known as Wentworth Falls Floral Art Group later changing its name to Blue Mountains Floral Art Group while meeting at Bullaburra Progress Hall under Mary Sweeney’s leadership for a number of years. Mary and Terry moved from the mountains to warmer weather and we still miss them.
Lorraine McMiles has continued the Floral Art tradition but moved the group meeting to Lawson Bowling Club. Strangely membership has remained at around 15 members after all these years.
Ann Ryan became the 4th Honorary Life member for 25 years of services rendered within the group at AGM prior to lunch.
At the AGM meeting we made ‘Corsages’ to wear to lunch as our floral tribute to 25 years in the Blue Mountains and a class title “Silver Anniversary” added to festivities Cutting the celebration cake were Pauline Atwood and Ann Ryan both original members of the group. Gretel Bott the current President and Lorraine McMiles secretary helped out.
New members are always welcome to join us and regular advertising occasionally brings along a newcomer.

Blue Mountains 25th Anniversary
L to R- Lorraine McMiles(Secretary) Ann Ryan, Pauline Atwood (Vice President)Gretel Bott (President)
Cutting the 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration Cake for Blue Mountains Floral Art Group

April 2014

Greetings to NSW Floral Art Groups,

Gardens in the Mountains are well into Autumn colour, leaves are falling and leaving a carpet on the ground. .-Dahlia, chrysanthemum, salvias are all blooming and the occasional rose is offering its last blooms before resting over the winter months to come.


Class titles in the past 3 months have been Selective Succulents, Irish Song Title and the Good old Days. Workshops -Back to basics, Using only Greenery and Driftwood in an arrangement.


On 26th May our AGM will celebrate our ‘Silver Anniversary’ It is a joy to still have two original members Pauline Atwood and Ann Ryan who were part of the Wentworth Falls Garden Club sub group of Flower Arranging Ladies under the leadership of Carole Marshall with a modest 11 membership. That was 1989 Over the years they presented Floral Art Shows and met in several venues. In 1996 the group moved to the Progress Hall Bullaburra for 15 years 1991 Mary Sweeney joined and soon took up a leadership role teaching and mentoring the group participating in many Floral Art Shows Katoomba Flower Festival Woodford Academy and Tarella , Floral Displays in St Andrews Cathedral 1997-1998 Stage Arrangements Lawson Community Centre and Centenary Church Decoration at Wentworth Falls, Leura Home Garden Club Flower Shows 1989-1990. Competing in Floral Art Section at Blackheath RHS Show and in later years Iris Shows.


In 2006 The name was changed to Blue Mountains Floral Art Group to cover a greater area of membership. In 2007 Mary and Terry moved to the Kempsey area, a great loss to our group. Leadership was taken up by novice Lorraine for the past 7 years. We made a further move to Lawson Bowling Club in 2011 to a modern and more suited venue.After 25 years we still have a modest group of about 11. Flowers don’t age only the arrangers fade away. Friendships do last a life time.


We wish ourselves a Happy Silver Anniversary, by  doing a class title “Silver Anniversary” and we will make a Corsage to wear to lunch after the AGM.  Lunch at 1pm at Grand view Hotel Wentworth Falls close to where it all began in 1989. Ann Ryan will become our 4th Honorary Life Member for 25 years service to our Group.


Lorraine McMiles  Secretary Blue Mountains Floral art group

Blue Mountains Floral Art Group


February 2014

2014 New year greetings to Floral Art Groups, What a difference a few months have made to the mountains area.  Lost homes (due to bush fire) will gradually be re built and life will return, Many areas are suffering heat and drought conditions. misty rain has dampened the ground this past week and is replenishing and bringing on new growth to trees and gardens.

For our work shop in November we did a festive candelabra and the class title was a Christmas table arrangement, which we used to decorate our tables for our end of year lunch at a local cafe.

Have you noticed when you give a ‘floral gift’ in the form of a posy it is always received with a smile and a thank you. The garden is a reservoir of delights most of the year and it is great to ‘plant’ and watch your next posy grow. Roses have flowered well this year and I have made plenty of posies to give to family and friends.

Celebrations are now over and just a memory of 2012 and we now turn to this years programme.

January we have a great abundance of blue and white agapanthus in our mountain gardens so we will be looking at how to use every part of the agapanthus plant from roots to dried stems in a workshop. I have come up with about 17 or so ways of using and manipulating this plant ready to use in arrangements. It has a pretty flower with curious markings and quite versatile to use alone or in an arrangement. I am looking forward to seeing what the girls come up with and how they choose to arrange them. The class title will be ‘My Choice’ since we are meeting on a public holiday 27th

Lorraine McMiles  Secretary Blue Mountains Floral art group


September 2013

Greetings to fellow floral artists,

As you are aware we are in the midst of frightening bush fires at Springwood, Winmalee, Yellow Rock where some 200 homes have already been lost. Also at MountVictoria, Clarence, Bell, MountIrvine and Mt Wilson, Lithgow and Marangaroo are all still burning and smoke is ever present to remind us of the devastation in these World Heritage Areas. Several of our members know people who have lost everything. Spare a thought and prayer for our rural fire fighters who are gallant, brave and very tired in the face of wild winds that keep changing direction and keep fueling the flames. Rain would be great!! We think of other areas in the Hunter, Port Stephens, Bargo in the Southern Highlands as well.

We have been most grateful for 4 new members joining us (local paper advertising). They are eager to learn and have been an encouragement to members. Our Class titles –FathersGarden, (Fathers Day) ‘Black and One other colour’ sparked discussion as to whether the green leaves and stems were indeed a third colour in the arrangement. Spring Colour is this month’s class title.

Some of our Workshops– Wrapped to Effect, Vertical Design and a Design in a Glass container.

For our end of year meeting we will do a ‘Festive centre piece’ and Workshop a ‘Christmas Candelabra’ followed by our end of year party at the local Lawson hotel. We will use our centre piece or candelabra as table décor.


Lorraine McMiles (Secretary for BMFAG)

Sorry no photo’s as I am unable to down load to computer which has been out of action for the past few weeks- its getting old like me!!!