CFD Mid North Coast

Meets: 4th Tuesday of the month

Where: Anne Kennedy’s property

Contact: Anne Kennedy 02 6565 0153


September 2015

Our days are all met with enthusiasm and friendship exploring designs and helping and encouraging each other.

Some of our themes this year have been –

Bridging the Gap

Contemporary using all of one plant

European Parallel Design

High as the Sky

Also we hosted a Weaving Workshop by Madhu Shah with several other NSWFA members attending. A very interesting and challenging workshop held in a very friendly atmosphere. Thank you Madhu sharing you knowledge with us.

Members used our following meeting to revise what we had learnt.

Most will by now have seen Miss Poppy who graced Kempsey show. Several members made up the red poppies from dyed corn husks for Carole Robinson use on her dress. Some of the techniques Carole used were flax fed through pasta machine for the dress, plaited raffia for hat and shoes. Photo has also been produced in the NSWFAA 2016 diary.

A couple of our members were able to attend Tamworth meeting and workshops and will share what they learnt at our future meetings.

It is also hoped some members will be able to attend Mark Pampling’s workshops at Gladstone in October and also take what will be learnt back to our other members unable to attend.

We wish Madhu and Mary safe travel to India and Kenya and lots of enjoyment and satisfaction as they share their floral art skills with fellow designers in both countries.

Our meeting day is the 4th Tuesday of the month and we meet at Anne Kennedy’s property and there is always a warm welcome to newcomers or visitors.

Anne Deveridge

Parallel - Anne Deveridge

Anne Kennedy

Brenda O'Donnell

Bronwyn Biddle

Marcia Lusted

Anton Sander

Rita Loise

Margaret Johnson


April 2015

Winner of the NSWFAA sponsored Best in Show Award for Kempsey Show 2015. Class title “Green Fascination” – Trish Woods


Green Fascination



April 2015

Miss Poppy


Inspiration for Ms Poppy came from members of the Mid North Coast (Kempsey Macleay) Contemporary Floral Design Group, and of course this being the 100 year Anniversary of The Anzacs, poppies were chosen as the feature flower, and to make everything from horticultural materials was also a challenge.

Carole Robinson, was the main designer of Poppy’s stunning outfit, and after 3 months and many hours of work, was responsible for bringing the whole project together.

Petals are made from corn husks (25 in total), dyed with red food colouring, dried and then wired to make 100 poppies.

The skirt and bodice are made from Flax leaves, 31 large and 25 smaller ones.  Each leaf was threaded into a pasta making machine, and then gently pulled apart, gradually dried, to leave an attractive lacy membrane, and, these were finally sewn together to make the Bodice and Skirt.

The hat and shoes are made from red Raffia, plaited and then sewn together.

Altogether 15 bottles of food colouring dye were used.

Fellow members of the group would like to congratulate and thank Carole for the many hours she has dedicated to this project, Ms Poppy is certainly stunning and a credit to Carole’s meticulous attention to detail.


If you would like to know more about the Mid North Coast (Kempsey Macleay) Contemporary Floral Design Group please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Anne Kennedy, 6565 0153.  Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month starting at 9.30am.  the venue is at 791, Summer Island Rd, Summer Island.  Each month there is a different topic ie making posies, interpretive designs, making wall hanging etc. etc.

If you have always wanted to try floral art/flower arranging then please come along and join us.

Whether you are a novice or more experienced, new members are always welcome


February 2015

Our group finished 201 4 with a lunch once again at the Smithtown  Pub overlooking the beautiful Macleay River during which we discussed and prepared a draft programme for 201 5. Anton Sanders brought a Christmas arrangement for our table and Carole Robinson bought some of her exquisite beaded decorations to add to it.
The last hands on meeting in November was a fabulous workshop with Judith Little the presenter. Judith’s workshop was a table arrangement using balsa wood, wire, waxed tissue and baubles as water source. We were joined by ladies from Manning and Gloucester on this occasion and I am sure there were some beautifully adorned Christmas tables from Kempsey down to Gloucester and all in between. (Photo below)
Hopefully we can again join with these ladies this year. We have another workshop in planning stages for July details TBA.
The mannequins mentioned in an earlier report were beautifully restored and dressed in foliage for Karen McKusker’s open garden in Kempsey last September along with other displays by members. Slim Dusty Music Week, Kempsey in October, found the mannequin dressed in corn bodice and skirt, with string hat, boots and guitar along with a rustic display. It is again planned to use the mannequin at Kempsey show this April honouring World War 1 and members have been asked to make Flanders poppies from plant material ready for this display.
When a few of our members visited the Melbourne Flower Show last March, they were approached by a freelance journalist for a photo and interview. The result of this was an article in Yours magazine in November about our group, following which Mary received an enquiry from someone interested in joining our group.
We are looking forward to this year as we experiment with new techniques and explore and extend boundaries in our designs.
Our meeting day for 201 5 is still the 4th Tuesday of the month and we meet at Anne Kennedy’s property and there is always a warm welcome to newcomers

Anne Deveridge



September 2014

It has been some seven months since giving a written report on our group.

 We still meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Anne Kennedy’s property and there is always a warm welcome to newcomers.

To date this year we have covered several design techniques and styles such as designing with driftwood, flax and foliage, tall and lean and suspensions. Techniques have been Waxing where members have made containers, covered seed pods, nuts and bark for their designs. Stringing where a few butterflies emerged. Spider webbing with all producing quite different designs.

One meeting was given to suspensions with several members confident to enter in class at the Kempsey Agricultural Show in April.

Two Anne’s travelled to Killabach to set up one of the displays for George Hoad’s open garden.

Members are busy at the present restoring mannequins and design preparations  for Karen McKusker’s open garden Kempsey in September and the Slim Dusty Music Week, Kempsey in October. But more on these after the events.

Mary Sweeney was much missed from our group when she was judging at WAFA in Ireland and a much deserved holiday after the event and it is good to have her back.

All our members would like to congratulate Doreen Winkley for her Garden Clubs Australia 2014 Award for Achieving Excellence by an Individual in Floral Art. Doreen has presented several workshops to our group sharing her knowledge and expertise generously with all present.

We are all looking forward to Judith Little coming for workshop in November and if anyone would like to join us please ring Anne Kennedy on 65650153.

Anne Deveridge

Waxing workshop CFD Mid North Coast
members with their efforts at our recent workshop on waxing



January 2014

Our group finished 2013 with a lunch at the Smithtown Pub overlooking the beautiful Macleay River during which we discussed and prepared a draft programme for 2014. Anne Kennedy and Carole Robinson brought table decorations for our table. Carole’s, was a Christmas tree made with mint leaves and jelly star. Mint leaves were covered with cling wrap, wired and taped individually then assembled from base with wires in centre for strength and jelly star on top.


We are looking forward to Judith Little doing a workshop with us possibly in July  and we have, as in previous years, made our October meeting the day we set up designs for the Slim Dusty Music week in the Kempsey showground.

Following is a brief report written by Margaret Jopling on 2013 event.

For our October meeting the CFD Mid North Coast met at the Kempsey showground hall to create large arrangements for the annual Slim Dusty Music week. Exhibits ranged from two depicting the countryside around Slim’s old homestead at Nulla Nulla to striking modern arrangements. Members chose plant materials suitable to last to the end of the week.

Many of the 400 country music fans camped at the showground plus other visitors complimented the group saying “It gets better every year.”

Members participating were Anne Deveridge, Margaret Johnston, Margaret Jopling, Anne Kennedy, Anton Sanders, Mary Sweeney, Maree Taylor, Trish Woods and Di Woodward.’

We will also be giving time in March to discuss and encourage members to exhibit in the Kempsey show in early May.

These two events yearly give us a good opportunity to showcase and promote our floral art in our community and beyond.

 Our meeting day for 2014 is still the 4th Tuesday of the month and we meet at Anne Kennedy’s property and there is always a warm welcome to newcomers.


October 2013

Our group continues to meet each month in Anne Kennedy’s shed overlooking the beautiful Macleay River.

Since Tamworth we have looked at several design styles – petites and wall hangings. After her demonstration in Wingham Doreen Winkley was invited and accepted to lead a workshop on Stabile, Stamobile and Mobiles in August. Doreen amazed us with the different creative ways she interpreted these design styles. Unfortunately it turned out several of our members were away much to their disappointment but a wonderful fun day was had.

In September Mary Sweeney lead us through a morning sharing what we had all been up to – Mary the Geelong seminar, Anton his trip to England, Holland and Germany and the many floral displays he had seen on his travels. Trish had been to the Birdsville Races and had taken part in some exercise classes with Lisa Kenny. Margaret Jopling spoke about the Community Garden set up in Kempsey and Anne D had visited the Australian Garden Show in Centennial Park. After this, Mary brought us back to work, creating bracelets or brooches using wire, beads and flowers.

Member Karen McCusker and her husband opened their garden late in September to raise funds for the Kempsey Show Society and a few members assisted with table arrangements for the afternoon tea tables and designs to be displayed in the Garden.

Our October meeting will be held at the Kempsey Showgrounds creating designs to be displayed during the Slim Dusty Week.

We are using events in our community to showcase and promote floral art and having a wonderful time of friendship with flowers.


July 2013

Our group has grown to 15 with us averaging 9-12 per meeting. We still meet on 4th Tuesday of each month unfortunately we have missed a couple of months this year due to the MacleayRiver flooding and this affects Anne Kennedy’s property – our meeting place.

In May we had a workshop with Doreen Winkley on Abstract. Everyone really enjoyed this and Doreen was very patient, encouraging and very helpful in guiding those who felt their container or material was not suitable for abstract. All were able to produce a design or two.

Several members travelled to Tamworth for the NSWFAA 40th Anniversary with Trish Woods a first time competitor at a Seminar taking out First Place in Metallica Pzazz – Necklace and handbag.

We were all keen to check out the Delicate Treasures – a Petite design as we will be exploring this design at our June meeting.

Our meeting place in Anne’s shed is a very relaxing and tranquil venue overlooking the MacleayRiver and the perfect setting to allow our creative juices to flow and develop.

New members or visitors are always welcome.