10th Seminar-Tamworth-RESULTS

NSWFAA Most Creative Ribbon: Cecily Rogers (Class 9)

RHS Medallion (most successful exhibitor): Madhu Shah

NSWFAA Championship ribbon: Madhu Shah

Madhu Shah Trophy for Best in Show / NSWFAA Best in Show ribbon: Madhu Shah


Class 1 – Nature Into Art

NSWFAA Championship

  1. Madhu Shah
  2. Gwen Hartley
  3. Peter Rainger

HC Ann Crasti

HC Helen Mitchell


Class 2 – Green Fascination sponsored by Gloucester Floral Art Club

  1. Gwen Hartley
  2. Madhu Shah
  3. Carole Rinkin

HC Trish Woods

HC Angela Lewis


Class 3 – Imagination Knows No Bounds (using martini glass vases supplied by Joe and the late Pat Counter) sponsored by Bega Valley Floral Art Society

  1. Angela Lewis
  2. Madhu Shah
  3. Mary Sweeney

HC Helen Mitchell


Class 4 – Timeless Classic (Pedestal) sponsored by The Butterfly Inn

  1. Mary Sweeney
  2. Megan Nicholson
  3. Helen Mitchell


Class 5 – Random Weave (Wall Hanging) sponsored by Deidre Hill

  1. Fae Gill
  2. Kim Baillie
  3. Lanny Pramana

HC Cecily Rogers


Class 6 – Pandemonium (Suspension) 

  1. Anne Martin
  2. Madhu Shah
  3. Deidre Hill

HC Mary Sweeney


Class 7 – Roll/s (Petite)

  1. Madhu Shah
  2. Fae Gill
  3. Cecily Rogers

HC Mary Sweeney


Class 8 – Deliciously Delicate (Miniature)

  1. Madhu Shah
  2. Carole Rinkin
  3. Trish Woods

HC Mary Sweeney


Class 9 – Country Fashion (handbag and necklace) sponsored by donation from Inverell and District Floral Art Society

  1. Cecily Rogers
  2. Carole Robinson
  3. Ann Crasti