Best In Show – Sue Fingleton FASQ (Beyond the Boundaries)

Most Creative Design – Sue Pilatti WAFAS (Integrated)

Best Interpretation – Sue Fingleton FASQ (New Visions)

Best Use of Colour – Jean Shine WAFAS (Beyond the Boundaries)

Best Use of Foliage – Cheryl Wynd VFAA (Striking Foliages)

Warren Hulbert Memorial Trophy: Best Traditional Design by an NSWFAA member – Michael Cordeiro NSWFAA (Botanical Symphony)

RHSNSW Medallion: Most Successful Exhibitor – Sue Fingleton FASQ

Class 1 New Visions

  1. Sue Fingleton FASQ
  2. Judith Little FASQ
  3. Gwen Hartley NSWFAA
    Highly Commended – Kim Baillie NSWFAA
    Commended – Peter Rainger NSWFAA

Class 2 Beyond the Boundaries

  1. Sue Fingleton FASQ
  2. Jean Shine WAFAS
  3. Ann Crasti NSWFAA
    Highly Commended – Penelope Brunning WAFAS
    Commended – Debra Collett VFAA
    Commended – Josie Brennan VFAA

Class 3 Botanical Symphony

  1. Mary Crisera VFAA
  2. Michael Cordeiro NSWFAA
  3. Sharryn Place NSWFAA

Class 4 Striking Foliages

1.Cheryl Wynd VFAA

  1. Michael Cordeiro NSWFAA
  2. Mary Crisera VFAA
    Highly Commended – Sharryn Place NSWFAA
    Commended – Jeanette Hudson WAFAS
    Commended – Katia Ivanova NSWFAA

Class 5 Solitude

  1. Judith Little FASQ
  2. Val Decker FASQ
  3. Josie Brennan VFAA
    Highly Commended – Jean Shine WAFAS
    Highly Commended – Liz O’Sullivan FASQ

Class 6 Revealing the Layers

  1. Ann Crasti NSWFAA
  2. Liz O’Sullivan FASQ
  3. Sharryn Place NSWFAA
    Highly Commended – Fae Gill NSWFAA
    Commended – Michael Cordeiro NSWFAA

Class 7 Integrated

  1. Sue Pilatti WAFAS
  2. Carol Dephoff NSWFAA
  3. Michael Cordeiro NSWFAA
    Highly Commended – Lilli el-Issa NSWFAA
    Commended – Lanny Pramana NSWFAA

Class 8 Bronze Beauties

  1. Ngaire Gamack FAGACT
  2. Trish Woods NSWFAA
  3. Sue Fingleton FASQ
    Highly Commended – Ann Crasti NSWFAA
    Commended – Carole Robinson NSWFAA

Class 9 Millefiori

  1. Sue Fingleton FASQ
  2. Sue Pilatti WAFAS
  3. Val Decker FASQ
    Highly Commended – Jean Shine WAFAS

Class 10 Inspired by Wood (Impose)

  1. Barbara Turner WAFAS
  2. Pat Golding FDCSA
  3. Patsy Stamp FDCSA
    Highly Commended – Helen Grant FDCSA
    Commended – Jeannie Finlayson VFAA
    Commended – Fiona Leman FASQ

WAFA Class 1 A Different Perspective

  1. Ambreen Irfan (Pakistan)
  2. Priya Shah (Kenya)
  3. Wiqarunnisa Boolani (Pakistan)
    Very Highly Commended: Asma Ansari (Pakistan)
    Highly Commended: Fehmida Hashmi (Pakistan)
    Commended: Ellen Clark (Canada)
    Commended: Qurrat-ul-ain Aamir (Pakistan)
    Commended: Salma Ansari (Pakistan)

WAFA Class 2 Cutting Edge

  1. Aisha Zahid (Pakistan)
  2. Pritesh Shah (Kenya)
  3. Huma Ehsan (Pakistan)
    Very Highly Commended: Wiqarunnisa Boolani (Pakistan)
    Highly Commended: Shandana Bangash (Pakistan)
    Highly Commended: Asma Ansari (Pakistan)
    Commended: Anjum Muddassir (Pakistan)
    Commended: Getta Shah (Kenya)