A total of 45 designs were staged for this competition.


Class 1: Bridging the Gap

1st  Ann Crasti

2nd  Kim Baillie

3rd  Gwen Hartley

H/C: Anne Deveridge


Class 2: Free Form (D)

1st  Trish Woods

2nd  Mary Sweeney


Class 3: Rustique

1st  Anne Deveridge

2nd  Mary Sweeney

3rd  Ray Bradley


Class 4: Minimal Materials for Maximum Impact

1st  Trish Woods and Carole Robinson

2nd  Anne Deveridge

3rd  Peter Rainger


Class 7: Fascinating Forms

1st  Madhu Shah

2nd Gwen Hartley

3rd  Mary Sweeney

H/C  Lanny Pramana


Class 8: Elongated

1st  Effie Crawley

2nd  Fae Gill

3rd  Alka Shah


Class 9: Weaving Ways

1st  Madhu Shah

2nd  Lanny Pramana

3rd  Mary Sweeney

H/C  Carole Robinson



Class 5: Culinary Capers

1st  Rita Loise

2nd  Brenda O’Donnell


Class 6: What a Load of Rubbish

1st  Rita Loise


Class 11 Beachcombing

1st  Brenda O’Donnell

2nd Rita Loise