Mittagong 2021 (Virtual)

Class 1 (Open) – Minimum Material, Maximum Impact

  • 1st Lawrence Kwong (NSWFAA)
  • 2nd Cheryl Wynd (VFAA)
  • 3rd Ruth Bourke (NSWFAA)
  • Highly Commended Priya Shah (Kenya)
  • Commended: Pratibha Tewary (Kenya), Lanny Pramana (NSWFAA), Sushma Chamaria (Dubai), Michael Cordeiro (NSWFAA), Robyn Wheeler (NSWFAA)

Class 2 (Open) – High and Low

  • 1st Lawrence Kwong (NSWFAA)
  • 2nd Pritesh Shah (Kenya)
  • 3rd Harshida Shah (Kenya)
  • Highly Commended Michael Cordeiro (NSWFAA)
  • Commended: Mary Fairlie-Cuninghame (NSWFAA), Ann Crasti (NSWFAA), Lorraine Kwong (NSWFAA), Katia Ivanova (RHS of NSW)

Class 3 (Open) The Natural Beauty of Foliage (Petite) – no manipulation

  • 1st Naina Shah (Kenya)
  • 2nd Lanny Pramana (NSWFAA)
  • 3rd Nimita Shah (Kenya)
  • Highly Commended Carol Dephoff (NSWFAA)
  • Commended: Trish Woods (NSWFAA), Meena Shah (Kenya)

Class 4 (Intermediate) Foliage and Fruit

  • 1st Collette Rixon (NSWFAA)
  • 2nd Sharryn Place (NSWFAA)
  • 3rd Anita Patel (Kenya)
  • Highly Commended Maureen Thackeray (NSWFAA)

Class 5 (Intermediate) Take Three

  • 1st Rupal Chandaria (Kenya)
  • 2nd Maureen Thackeray (NSWFAA)
  • 3rd Collette Rixon (NSWFAA)

Class 6 (Novice) Grass and Glass

  • 1st Collette Rixon (NSWFAA)
  • 2nd Glynis Hayne (RHS of NSW)
  • 3rd Gayle Robinson (NSWFAA)

Class 7 (Novice) Double Vision

  • 1st Collette Rixon (NSWFAA)