These are the General Show Rules that apply to all NSWFAA competitions.

Please also check the individual show location rules (e.g. Mittagong, Galston, etc) for competition specific rules. Competition specific show rules will be included in NSWFAA newsletters and on the specific event page on this website.



1. An exhibit is made of plant material, with or without accessories, within a space specified in the Show Schedule.
2. The use of artificial plant material is forbidden.
3. Fresh plant material must be in water or in water-retaining material unless such material remains turgid throughout the event.
4. Painted and/or artificially coloured plant material may be used.
5. Plant material must predominate over all other components of the exhibit.
6. Judges decision is final and no correspondence with be entered into.
7. Exhibits must be the individual competitor’s own work.
8. Drapes, bases and accessories may be used.
9. All class entries to be received by nominated due date to Show Secretary as notified.
10. All acceptances will be acknowledged by email/post, with further details where applicable.
11. Competitors are requested to ensure that no water damages the floor and that worksheets are used on the floor at all times during staging.
12. Competitors must place own debris in plastic bags and remove the same to designated disposal areas.
13. NO AEROSOL/SPRAY painting permitted in the venue or environs.
14. A design must not be changed in any way after it is judged.
15. NSWFAA does not accept liability for any loss or damage.
16. Competitors may use own bases and backing in stated staging areas but no attachment to any part of the room.
17. Exhibits will be marked “Not According to Schedule” if they are out of the Class allotted space.
18. Judging will be in accordance with the AFAA Manual.
19. The Show Committee reserves the right to accept entries past the date stated.
20. No photographs may be transmitted to electronic media prior to judging.
21. Competitors should make themselves aware of locally listed Noxious Weeds, Weeds of National Significance, National Environmental Alert List Weeds and Water Weeds. Details can be found on State Government and Local Council websites.
22. NOVICE: A novice is an exhibitor who has not won a first place at a NSW meeting or Seminar. After winning five first places a Novice will be promoted to the Intermediate Section.
INTERMEDIATE: An exhibitor who wins three first places will be promoted to the Open Section.
Novice/Intermediate exhibitors may enter the Open section. If an exhibitor wins a first place, they have to stay in open grade and cannot compete as a Novice or Intermediate again.
23. In 2018, an annual Most Successful Exhibitor award has been introduced with the highest Awards in each Class being allocated points on the basis of 3 (first), 2 (second) and 1 (third) point/s. The Exhibitor gaining the highest number of points over a calendar year will be deemed to be the winner.