There were two classes for the April 2021 online competition:

  1. Eastern Influence – Open to NSWFAA members only
  2. In, Out, Twist About – Open to all

Co-ordinator: Madhu Shah

Eastern Influence

  1. Michael Cordeiro
  2. Lawrence Kwong
  3. Lanny Pramana

Highly Commended : Ann Crasti

Commended: Maureen Thackeray

In, Out, Twist About

  1. Pritesh Shah (Kenya)
  2. Nimita Shah (Kenya)
  3. Shobha Thakrar (Kenya)

Highly Commended: Dipty Somaia (Kenya)

Commended: Rupal Chandaria

Commended: Lilli el-Issa (RHS of NSW)