Parkes Floral Art Society
35th Anniversary Floral Fair
16th May 2015

Judges: Mary Sweeney (classes 2,4,6), Madhu Shah
(classes 1,3,5)
Trainee Judges:Helen Mitchell, Ann Crasti, Ngaire Gamack


Class 1: Kay Maxwell Perpetual Trophy – Timeless

1. Mary Sweeney
2. Helen Mitchell
3. Megan Nicholson
Highly Commended: Marie Rushby


Class 2: Aleks & Betty Muzcyzuk Memorial Award – Black
and One Colour (Contemporary)

1. Gwen Hartley
2. Madhu Shah
3. Ngaire Gamack
Highly Commended: Helen Mitchell, Deidre Hill


Class 3: Autmun Spirals

1. Gwen Hartley
2. Ann Crasti
3. Kim Baillie
Highly Commended: Marie Rushby
Class 4: New Direction/s (Foliage Only)

1. Fae Gill
2. Jan Ranger
3. Madhu Shah
Highly Commended: Colleen Cusack
Class 5: Exploring Contrasts

1. Lorraine Kwong
2. Christine May
3. Deidre Hill
Highly Commended: Helen Mitchell
Class 6: Gems of Autumn (Miniature design)

1. Gwen Hartley
2. Madhu Shah
3. Barbara Magill


Class 7: Novice – From Your Garden
1. Jennifer Calvert
2. Sharyn Ware
Highly Commended: Julie Hutchinson
Class 8: Novice – Swirls and Curls
1. Julie Hutchinson
Highly Commended: Sharyn Ware


Class 9: Novice – Delicate Treasures (petite design)
2. Cathy ten Cate
Highly Commended: Cathy ten Cate


People’s Choice (Most Popular vote):

Barbara Magill – Class 1 Timeless Classic
Best in Show (NSWFAA rosette) :

Gwen Hartley – Class 2 Black and One Colour
Most Successful Exhibitor (RHS of NSW medallion):

Gwen Hartley