Definition from the Australian Floral Art Association manual 2006.

“An interest equated style emphasising the elements of line, form, space and texture. Balance is dynamic with no part of the design having so much weight or attraction that it over balances any other. Manipulated material, unexpected placements and interesting spaces are characteristic.

A dominating element should be evident (e.g. vertical lines) to ensure unity is achieved but strong contrasts add excitement.”

Sculptural Abstract is covered separately further down this page


Abstract Achromatic 1

Abstract Achromatic 2

Achromatic Abstract 3






Sculptural Abstract

Strong three dimensional form or forms relying on beauty of shape, presenting a chiselled or moulded effect. It is made in such a manner that there is no distinct or obvious focal area, the interest is on the whole structure.

The aim is to create movement and inbuilt vitality through the use of colour, texture, line and pattern.