Period Design – 20th Century 1940s and 1950s


Definition from the Australian Floral Art Association manual 2006.

“This period was dominated by World War II and recovery from its after effects. It saw the start of the flower arranging movement especially in the UK when plant material was used aesthetically and therapeutically to raise morale.

Containers: 1940s – anything that would hold water, especially household objects. 1950s – logs, pottery, mantle vase with handles, white pottery, fluted wall vases, household items, flat plates, trays, wine glasses/bottles/decanters, boxes with lids.

Colours: 1940s – mainly polychromatic as availability of flowers was restricted. 1950s – Awareness grew of colour harmony between container and accessories and suitability of colours for the occasion or setting.

Style: 1940s – Wild flowers or home grown flowers placed simply in containers. Little foliage used. 1950s – two distinct style: line and mass. Line included the fan, vertical line, crescent and Hogarth curve. Massed arrangements were rather squat and full without a defined focal area.


Period Design - 1950s
1950s (fan shape)