Mittagong 2017

Members and visitors are invited to


to be held on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 February 2017 at Mittagong R.S.L. Club

Old Hume Highway, Mittagong 2575.




4.00 pm – 8.00 pm – Staging for classes 1 – 8



7.30 am – 9.00 am – Staging for classes 1 – 8



Class 1   Caught in the Net      –    bench space 1 metre – restricted to Judges and advanced designers

Class 2   Veiled Vision            –    bench space 70cm

Class 3   Nature’s Textures     –    bench space 70 cm

Class 4   Summer Serenade   –    bench space 70 cm

Class 5   Homage to Hogarth  –    bench space 70cm – refer P41 of the AFAA Manual

Class 6   Summer Sensations –    a petite design (Over 10cm and less than 23cm overall) – refer P54 of the AFAA
Manual.  (This design will be displayed on black marble).


RESTRICTED CLASSES  –  for exhibitors who have not won an award in open classes in NSWFAA competition.

Class 7   Time to Economise   –    bench space 50 cm

Class 8   Horizontal Line         –    bench space 70cm – refer P’s 41, 60 & 85 of the AFAA Manual


9.15 am   –    10.00 am   Judging and morning tea (at own expense)

10.00 am   –    10.15 am   Opening and Welcome by NSWFAA President

10.15 am   –    11.15 am   Demonstration – Difference between Modern and Contemporary Designs

11.30 am   –    12.15 pm   Demonstration – Traditional line designs

12.15 pm   –      12.45 pm Judges comments/analysis of exhibits

12.45 pm   –      2.00 pm   Lunch (at own expense)

2.00 pm  –     3.00 pm   Demonstration – Contemporary Horizontal Design

3.15 pm  –      4.15 pm   Demonstration – Abstract Designs

4.15 pm  –    NSW FAA General Meeting – followed by Friendship Dinner in the bistro – all welcome



8.30 am   –      9.30am    Judges Meeting

9.30 am   –    10.00 am   Morning tea (at own expense)

10.00 am   –    10.15 am   Opening and Welcome by NSWFAA President

10.15 am   –    11.45 am   Impose demonstration

10.30 am   –    11.45 pm   Demonstration  – Textures and manipulation using Foliage

12.00 pm   –      1.15 pm   Lunch (at own expense)

1.15 am  –      2.15 pm   Competition hints / Class Interpretations /Q&A

2.15 pm  –    Close


Registration and Class entries no later than Monday 6 February would be appreciated.

Registration & Class entries to:


Ray Bradley           (T)   02 4861 4090         (E)


Deidre Hill              (T)   02 4887 1254         (E)


All classes have green material on the bench – except Class 6 which will be on black marble.

All exhibits judged from the front and sides.

Designs may be brought in ready for staging.

All exhibits judged under the guidelines of the AFAA Manual.      

Horticultural material to predominate.


Cost:   NSWFAA Members – $15 per day                          Non Members – $20 per day


Please note  –  It is the RSL Club’s policy that no food or drink may be brought into the Club

Mittagong 10-11 February 2017




  1. An exhibit is made of plant material, with or without accessories, within a space specified in the Show Schedule.
  2. The use of artificial plant material is forbidden.
  3. Fresh plant material must be in water or in water-retaining material unless such material remains turgid throughout the event.
  4. Painted and/or artificially coloured plant material may be used.
  5. Plant material must predominate over all other components of the exhibit.
  6. Judges decision is final and no correspondence with be entered into.
  7. Exhibits must be the individual competitor’s own work.
  8. Drapes, bases and accessories may be used.
  9. All class entries to be received by Monday 6 February to:
    Ray Bradley, (T)   02 4861 4090   (E)
    Deidre Hill       (T)   02 4887 1254   (E)
  10. All acceptances will be acknowledged by email/post, with further details where applicable.
  11. Competitors are requested to ensure that no water damages the floor and that worksheets are used on the floor at all times during staging.
  12. Competitors must place own debris in plastic bags and remove the same to designated disposal areas.
  13. NO AEROSOL/SPRAY painting permitted in the venue or environs.
  14. A design must not be changed in any way after it is judged.
  15. NSWFAA does not accept liability for any loss or damage.
  16. Competitors may use own bases and backing in stated staging areas but no attachment to any part of the room.
  17. Exhibits will be marked “Not According to Schedule” if they are out of the Class allotted space.
  18. Judging will be in accordance with the AFAA Manual.
  19. The Show Committee reserves the right to accept entries past the date stated.
  20. No photographs may be transmitted to electronic media prior to judging