Narrabri August 2019

In a joint event with Narrabri Garden Club, NSWFAA invites members and friends to our weekend of floral art activities in Narrabri on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August 2019 at Narrabri Bowling Club.


Cotton Country Creativity


 FRIDAY  2 August

1.00 pm – 6.00 pm    Staging of classes 1 to 16


7.30 am – 8.30 am     Staging of classes 1 to 16

All Designs may be brought in ready for staging

OPEN TO ALL  –  Bench space in classes 1-11  70 cm; plant material must predominate

Class 1.   Cotton Country Creativity

Class 2.   Bones, Stones & Wood

Class 3.   Outside the Square

Class 4. Framed in Black

Class 5.  Fibre (Petite – over 10cm & Under 23cm)

INTERMEDIATE CLASSES: refer to Show Rule 22; plant material must predominate

Class 6 Cotton Country

Class 7 Swirl & Curl

Class 8 Bridge over Clear Water

 NOVICE CLASSES: refer to Show Rule 21; plant material must predominate

Class 9 Cotton Country

Class 10  Fanfare

Class 11. Fruit & Foliage

JUNIOR CLASSES:  Ages 11 to 16; Bench Space – 60cm; plant material must predominate

Class 12  Cotton Country

Class 13  Magic From the Garden

JUNIOR CLASSES:  Ages 10 and under; Bench space 60cm; plant material must predominate

Class 14  Cotton Country

Class 15  Magic From the Garden


SP16    From My Garden (must be home grown) – May be 1 or 2 persons

Floor based display using produce from your garden/s, may include flowers, fruit and/or vegetables. Space allowed 1m square with no height restriction. The Exhibit will be judged on the overall presentation of the display.



8.30am    –    9.30 am     Judging and morning tea

9.30 am   –    9.45 am     Opening and Welcome by NSWFAA President

9.45am    –    10.15 am   Impose Demonstration “Thinking on the Spot” with Kim Baillie and Peter Rainger

10.30 am   –    Midday      Demonstration “Design Through the Ages” with Mary Sweeney, Margaret Higgins and Effie Crawley

Midday    12.45pm           Judges comments/analysis of exhibits

12.45 pm   –      1.45pm   Lunch

1.45 pm   –     2.30pm   Demonstration “Finding Inspiration” with Kim Baillie

2.30pm   –       3.30pm   ‘Come and Have a Go’  Fun Workshop – open to all exploring what to do with “problem” containers or plant material

3.30 pm  –    4.30           NSWFAA Judges Meeting

6.00pm                         FRIENDSHIP DINNER



8.30 am   –      9.45am    NSWFAA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING followed by the NSWFAA General Meeting

9.45 am   –    10.00 am   Morning tea

10.00 am   –    10.15 am   Opening and Welcome by NSWFAA President

10.15 am   –    11.45 am   Demonstration “From the Bush to the Garden” with Peter Rainger

11.45 am   –       1.15pm   Workshop using bamboo with Mary Sweeney

1.15pm  – 2.00pm            Competition hints / Class Interpretations / Q&A

2.00pm                           Close and dismantling of exhibits


Registration and Class entries to be with the Show Secretary no later than Monday 29 July 2019   Ray Bradley     (E)   (T)   02 4861 4090

An award for Best in show will be awarded by the judge/s from the 1st place winners of Classes 1 to 11.

SHOW RULES – see also website

  • All classes will have grey material on the bench
  • Bench space  –  as indicated
  • Height unlimited
  • Horticultural material to predominate
  • All exhibits judged from the front and sides.
  • Designs may be brought in ready for staging.
  • All exhibits judged under the guidelines of the AFAA Manual.

Cost:   NSWFAA and Narrabri Garden Club Members  –  $25 for 2 day inclusive flat rate – this includes all demonstrations and workshops on both days.

 Non Members  –  Saturday – $20;    Sunday- $10

Visitors viewing exhibits only  – gold coin donation

Individual demonstration/workshop     $5 each